Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, the weather outside is cold....

Dear Family,

Okay so mom I just got your emails. My P-day is on Wednesday so now you know. my drivers licence number is . Also I did not change my address so if you could do that for me that would be wonderful. Thanks!! I got your letters today and I loved them thank you so much. Oh mom can you check my bank account?? I just need to know how much is in there. Jordan I really hope that you are doing okay!! I am so sorry to hear that, that happened to you. Dad how are you??

Okay so once again I really don't have a lot of time. But who ever does?? Anyways I want to share a little bit about what has happened to me this past week. I wish I could share every funny moment and silly thing but so many things happened each day that it is kind of hard. Anyways I am loving it here. I am still getting use to the cold and I think that I am finally over the jet lag. I have a lot to work on, but who doesn't?

So Canada is pretty cold. I am sure my companion is getting sick of me telling her how cold I am. But I think I am getting use to it. (I Hope) I have been using some hand warmers that someone left at the apartment and they have saved my life. I wear my thermals or running tights plus my wool tights and skirt. Then usually two shirts and my warm blue coat. plus a scarf hat and gloves. It takes my like 15 min to get dressed. It makes my laugh. So the houses here are awesome!!! I think I am going to start taking pictures of all of them. They are colonial style home with bold bright colors. I just love them!! I will send you a picture sometime. They definitely have alot of character.
So I finally saw the Atlantic ocean!! I see it almost everyday and it is so awesome!! I am so close to the water. Sorry if this email is all over the place but I am trying to hurry so I can tell you everything. So the people here are super nice! Even when they shut the door in your face they are just so nice about it. People here are awesome. and people here really do walk out in the road when ever they feel like it. It makes me laugh. But the drivers here are the most gracious drivers I have ever met.
Soon our car is going to get taken away and we will be riding bikes!! I am super excited, but at the same time nervous because we wont get nearly as much done and I might freeze to death. :) So you are probably wondering who my companion is....Well her name is sister Olsen. She is from Idaho Falls and she is so sweet! I really like her. I am not sure yet if she likes me every much yet but I think that once I know whats going on she will like me better. She is the youngest of 5 brothers and she is a rock star. I am learning a lot from her and she knows her stuff. She is showing me all the tricks of the trade.
March 1st was the first time I saw the sun and a little bit of the blue sky! So know I do know that it exists here.
We have some amazing investigators that I am super excited about!! One is named Terry and he is so close to getting baptized I think it is going to happen this month!! Last night was the first time I met the "Sellers Family" it was so funny! The woman Dawn has 4 kids and they are all pretty young. So last night we walked in the door and The house is a mess, a little boy is running around the house naked, a kitten is thrust into my hands, the kids are running around us screaming and yelling. It couldn't help but laugh on the inside. :) So I have been here an official week!! I made it. I am still getting use to everything but I hope soon I will get the hang of things. Keep praying for me, cause I need it!
Last Friday was kind of a crazy day! It was super cold and we had to go out and find people for two hours cause that is what we do everyday. And the wind was blowing so hard!! And it was raining I bought rain boots, but I still need to get winter boots. So I got to use my raincoat and it worked really well!! I love my blue coats. Well I have to go once again Read Helaman 5:12. It is awesome. I love all of you have a wonderful week and I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Sister Crofts

P.S. mom I was wondering if sometime you could send me homemade bread and some baked goods?? I am just craving them. If not that is okay. Also I need more tights!! Its is was to cold to wear just nylons.

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