Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. -Confucius

Dear Family,

What!! Jordan you're moving to St. George! Ha ha everything is so funny! Mom I know you don't want me to move to Salt so much to think about.

Besides the bug bites, and me head cold this last week was AWESOME!! I brought my journal to help me remember everything that happened. But first I have to tell you the most exciting news of the week! CAT AND ANDREW ARE ENGAGED!!!! Yesterday we were at a fireside and we get a phone call. Sister Davis hands me the phone and it is Cat and Andrew! I was so excited. But really confused. I wondered how in the world they got my phone number. Well the story goes that when I went to Halifax to the temple I gave Andrew my phone number so that we could meet up later. Well he got his phone bill and saw that he had some long distance calls from someone in New Brunswick (That's me) so they called last night and told me the whole story. I was the 4th person to know! It just made me so happy, because I worked so hard on those two. I remember when I met them...and just where they are now is incredible! They are planning a temple marriage this coming December!!! I have to go!

This week like every week we worked super hard. This past Thursday we had a super full day. Appointment after appointment. Well When I woke up that morning I just knew that nothing was going to go as planned. But I didn't say anything to Sister Davis just in case it all worked out. Well it didn't everyone kept calling an cancelling so very quickly our super full day turned into a super blank day, but definitely not boring. First things first. The day before we were street contacting on the small streets of Fredericton and we ran into Todd. The guy who sold us out bikes. And told us to come in and get our bikes tuned up. So Thursday we did. Come to find out that Sister Davis front tire was barely holding on by the brake. CRAZY! She could have died. I am just thankful we decided to take the bus down Smythe hill instead of ride. Who knows what would have happened. But like I said before everything in our day fell through so we decided to knock George street. Well thank heavens we did we knocked onto a girls door named Jessica Jewell she let us in we taught and she is now on date to be baptized! Miracles happened everyday. I just so cool how the Lord works. If we hadn't had all our appointments fall through we wouldn't have met her in that time. Geography and timing is everything!

I just want to tell you about the food we were able to enjoy this past week. The Ray's fed us delicious hamburgers, Sister Lyons made a feast! Ham, potato's, 3 different deserts, and 5 different choices of ice-ceams! I couldn't resist. then last night we went to the Meyer home and had breakfast for dinner! It was so happy! Ha ha..There is no hope for me I am just going to be a little fatty when I get home! I hope you all still love me. And don't worry when I get home I can exercise as much as I want. On the mission its a little bit more difficult.

Anyways, This week was full of being in random places at the right time. everyday went by so fast and I really can't believe that this week is going to be JUNE! Time is going by so fast. I know that I say that in every email, but its so true. Yesterday at church was a full day. we had three investigators come and Gloria stayed for all three hours!! I taught gospel principles and part of the combined lesson the third hour. I love teaching! Mom remember when I was so scared to talk in front of people that I almost ran home instead of sharing my talk. How far I have come. I just pray that is doesn't go away when I am released. Anyways it was a great week with ups and downs so many happy things which always out weight the bad. Who knows what next week will bring but stayed tuned.


Sister Crofts

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here Comes the Sun....

Dear Family,

Hi, its me once again. This past week was pretty interesting. But before I get into that I want to say CONGRATS ON GRADUATING JORDAN BETH!! You're the coolest! I hope that you have a wonderful graduation!!

This week nothing seemed to go as planned, everything fell through I really didn't know why. But we just kept on doing the work of the Lord. We knocked a lot of doors this past week. I also got my first sunburn of the year, so that was exciting! It's tan now thank heavens. The weather is crazy! One day it will be blazing hot and the next freezing cold. I don't get it, but really...I don't get a lot of things. Anyways...We put on a fireside Saturday evening and it was a hit! Everyone loved it! Which made me really happy because that was the first time I had ever put on a fireside. It was all about Teaching the members how to use it as a missionary tool. Sister Davis and I put a lot of work into it, and it all came together very well. People at Church were talking about how great it was. I am just so grateful for this ward and what wonderful people they are.
yesterday was such a beautiful day. Sunday really always is the best day. We were able to get a ride out to one of the families we are teaching and I couldn't help but notice just how beautiful it was. The different greens, the blue sky, and the beautiful sun set! This world truly is amazing. Sorry this is short, but I really don't know what to say. At times I feel a little repeative so I am sorry for that. I hope you all know that I love you so much! And I am so grateful for everything that all who are reading this have done for me. Thank you! I love you!


Sister Crofts

Monday, May 16, 2011

“All you have to do is trust your Heavenly Father. Trust Him enough to follow His plan.” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Dear Family,

The rain is never going to stop! I am starting to get sick of being wet and muddy all the time, but hey it makes for good stories. Plus in the future if my children ever complain about things I will be able to pull out "back in my day" stories of biking up hills in the rain, running after buses, trudging through the snow, sweat dripping off my face as I labored for the Lord. Ha ha I loved being a missionary. :) You should have seen me last night. I was quite a sight. It literally rained ALL day yesterday, and of course we were out in it. Well we road through a couple mud puddles and I was covered in it! I should have taken a picture. Ha Ha.. the funnest part was our day wasn't even half way over yet. I tried to clean up as much as possible, but I still looked ridiculous. Ha ha...I wouldn't mind getting muddy at home, but I am here trying to represent my Savior. I must admit I am so grateful to have Sister Davis as my companion. She knows how to work. Never do I hear from her that she is cold or tried or hungry. She just goes to work! Together we make a great team. I thank my Heavenly Father for her everyday. Why am I so blessed?!

This week like every week was full of ups and downs. I'm not going to lie there seemed to be more downs then ups, but such is life. If I didn't experience pain and sorrow I would not be able to appreciate joy and peace. To be honest I am grateful for the pains I felt this past week. Some were cause because of my own weaknesses which I needed to ask for forgiveness other sorrows were caused because of the choices of others. Being a missionary really helps me understand the missionaries in the Book of Mormon when they wrote of their experiences: And this is the account of Ammon and his brethren, their journeyings in the land of Nephi, their sufferings in the land, their sorrows, and their afflictions, and their incomprehensible joy!!..... Missionary work truly is JOY! I love it so much. If I just didn't love the people so much and my Heavenly Father this would be so painful at times. But really the best things in life are always the hardest!!

In my personal Scripture study I am reading the New Testament and it is so amazing. Just reading of my Savior's perfect example makes me want to be more like him. He truly was perfect! Also I am re-reading the Book of Mormon and I am focusing on how people prayed or received answers to prayers. I am amazing at just how much each prophet prays. Also this morning I was reading about temples and it was just brought back to me just how amazing and important the temples are. I am so grateful that we are all preparing to go and be sealed together as a family, its something I look forward to!

sorry that I am not really talking about my week and what happened. I guess I could share some things. Xaio Han's parents threatened to move him back to China if he continued to meet with us. Laura who is reading the Book of Mormon really fast has stopped meeting with us to keep peace between her and her husband. Gloria is having second thoughts and many doubts. She called us at 2:30 AM to tell us she wasn't coming to church. We met with Jesse and he doesn't think this is for him.....But we also had some sweet experiences as well. We were out knocking the other day in the rain and we decided to go to this house. Well we knock and a lady opens and the door and invites us in for muffins and herbal tea. We taught the restoration and we plan to return. Everything she was saying was hinting that she was missing something in her life. People need this gospel so bad! We were riding down the street the other day and as we were passing a park bench I noticed a girl sitting there smoking. I kept riding past, but I had the feeling we needed to talk to her. So I turned around unsure of how I was going to start talking to her,but like always I just opened my mouth and words came out. We plan on meeting with her sometime this coming week. Amazing things happened every week. I just feel so blessed to be a missionary!


Sister Crofts

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mothers day

Mothers day card I received in the mail
Hanging out with Elder and Sister Golden

Sister Missionaries
Snow day!!!

Fun post card of New Brunswick

Another fun post card of New Brunswick

Malachi and his dog Soldier. Malachi has cancer and Sister Crofts bought wrist bands from his family and sent home to her family


Ice cream



Getting gas

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feeling Right At Home

Dear Family,

With the phone call this past Sunday, It's true I totally felt right at home, everyone is still the same and I love it. I am really sorry that we weren't able to see each other face to face for very long. I will see you in two months!! Thank you so much for being the best mom, dad, and sister ever!! I love you! Dad it was great to hear you I wish we could have talked longer, Jordan your the sweetest little thing and you make me laugh I also wish I could have talked to you more. Mom thank you for being the best, what more can I say. Your amazing!

The weather here as been dark and dreary for long enough. I am starting to get sick of the rain, but it will only help me appreciate the sun that much more. Funny story about the rain. So we ride bikes....and in the rain its not the most fun activity. Well we had a miracle happen for us this past week. Andrea one of our ward missionaries came teaching with us and just happened to drive a van so we were able to put our bikes in the back and get a ride. Then later that night it was still raining, and sister Davis and I were really wet and cold. Well we were waiting for a bus that never came, so we had a member come and pick us up again. We were seriously blessed that day. Really we are so blessed everyday, but I just thought it was funny how much God really watches out for us. Even in the small things.

This past week was a really good week. I loved it! We had a lot of success and I pray that we find more. But like always we also have oppostion. So Monday we got a call from Xiao Han explaining that he had gotten into an argument with his parents over religion. It broke my heart. we scheduled to see him yesterday and it was a really good lesson. A wise person once taught me to listen to the person speaking and not just throw the Book of Mormon in their face and tell them to read. We went and listened to his situation and just expressed our feelings of concern and love. we then shared about putting all your trust in God. By the end of the lesson he was laughing and smiling. It was a great experience. I am really sad to say that I have had experiences like this in the past, but I feel that I am learning how to help people more when these situations come up. I love this work it truly is the greatest!

We had two days of leadership training it was a great experience. There are no words to express the power of 26 young men and women kneeling down in prayer together to ask for the Lord's help with this great work. It made me realized how much I have to work on, which is a good thing. I am excited to work hard for the next two months. I can't even believe just how fast everything is going by. I am sorry that I don't really know what to write. I just hope that this finds you well.


Sister Crofts

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Thou Shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things." D&C 59:7

Dear Family,

What happened this last week....? Honestly I can't really remember. All I remember is being so busy and tired every single day. I guess that means I am doing something right.
Ha ha... okay, things are starting to come back to me. This past Monday we had a Zone Conference with Elder Golden a member of the Seventy. It was really really good. So those are what those pictures are that I sent you. Anyways, I had the opportunity to bear my testimony in front of all the missionaries and Elder Golden it was a really cool experience. During the whole thing I felt the spirit so strong, and and made me kind of sad that I only have about two left. But I found out today that we are having a Sister's Conference this June the 21st- 23rd. I am soooo excited. I get to go to Halifax again!! I seriously love that place. Back to the story.. When we got home we dropped off the Elders car and biked across the river and up Smythe hill to teach a lesson. It was a good workout.

Funny Story
I think this is a funny story...So the other day the sisters in Halifax called and told me about a guy named Clark that kept calling me. And when they asked to leave a message he would say that it was confidential. They thought for sure that I had a stalker in Halifax. Anyways, so they gave me this guys number, and I call him thinking to myself who in the world is this guy?! Well He answers and come to find out it was a guy working for a bank where I cashed a check once. All he wanted to know was if I had good service when I went there. It was funny. Just because we assumed such a dramatic story.

This past week we went out in the country to teach Brother Breau's mom and it was so cool. There place was really beautiful and his parents were so nice. I am coming to find out that people most of the time don't disagree with the doctrine that we teach, just that they will have to change there life style. Which makes sense, but sacrificing something small bring so many blessings.

Letter From home!

I just got the last letter you sent and it was perfect. Jordan STUDENT OF THE YEAR! What and OK! That is sweet. Also Dad I am so proud of you. You gave you first blessing! Thank you for sharing that with me. It sounds like all of you are doing so well. Also I received Hope's wedding invitation. I can not even believe that she is getting married this Friday!! Crazy stuff. All my friends are going to be married by the time I get home. Good thing I still have Kallie, Anna, and Liz. Also I can't remember if I thanked you for the pictures! Jordan you are one hot mama! You are beautiful and I really love you graduation pictures. I can hardly believe that you graduate at the end of this month. So many things are happening!!
So about Mothers Day. Call me at 4 PM Utah time. My number is ############. But lets hope that we can Skype!! I would love to see your faces. Also you should invite Kal to come again that was such a party at Christmas. For Skype because I don't have an account I am going to use Sister Davis. So to add type: ########### To help you find her easier she lives in Prove Utah and her Full name is Carlie Davis. If you can't find her that way you can also try Good luck! And if all else fails just give me a call. :D

I'm sorry that I don't have any cool stories of things, just know that I am working really hard. And its kicking my bum. I hope this coming week I have a little bit more energy. Just on a weather update. The grass is starting to get green and I am not even wearing tights today!! I think that Summer is on its way.


Sister Crofts