Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here Comes the Sun....

Dear Family,

Hi, its me once again. This past week was pretty interesting. But before I get into that I want to say CONGRATS ON GRADUATING JORDAN BETH!! You're the coolest! I hope that you have a wonderful graduation!!

This week nothing seemed to go as planned, everything fell through I really didn't know why. But we just kept on doing the work of the Lord. We knocked a lot of doors this past week. I also got my first sunburn of the year, so that was exciting! It's tan now thank heavens. The weather is crazy! One day it will be blazing hot and the next freezing cold. I don't get it, but really...I don't get a lot of things. Anyways...We put on a fireside Saturday evening and it was a hit! Everyone loved it! Which made me really happy because that was the first time I had ever put on a fireside. It was all about Teaching the members how to use it as a missionary tool. Sister Davis and I put a lot of work into it, and it all came together very well. People at Church were talking about how great it was. I am just so grateful for this ward and what wonderful people they are.
yesterday was such a beautiful day. Sunday really always is the best day. We were able to get a ride out to one of the families we are teaching and I couldn't help but notice just how beautiful it was. The different greens, the blue sky, and the beautiful sun set! This world truly is amazing. Sorry this is short, but I really don't know what to say. At times I feel a little repeative so I am sorry for that. I hope you all know that I love you so much! And I am so grateful for everything that all who are reading this have done for me. Thank you! I love you!


Sister Crofts

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