Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. -Confucius

Dear Family,

What!! Jordan you're moving to St. George! Ha ha everything is so funny! Mom I know you don't want me to move to Salt so much to think about.

Besides the bug bites, and me head cold this last week was AWESOME!! I brought my journal to help me remember everything that happened. But first I have to tell you the most exciting news of the week! CAT AND ANDREW ARE ENGAGED!!!! Yesterday we were at a fireside and we get a phone call. Sister Davis hands me the phone and it is Cat and Andrew! I was so excited. But really confused. I wondered how in the world they got my phone number. Well the story goes that when I went to Halifax to the temple I gave Andrew my phone number so that we could meet up later. Well he got his phone bill and saw that he had some long distance calls from someone in New Brunswick (That's me) so they called last night and told me the whole story. I was the 4th person to know! It just made me so happy, because I worked so hard on those two. I remember when I met them...and just where they are now is incredible! They are planning a temple marriage this coming December!!! I have to go!

This week like every week we worked super hard. This past Thursday we had a super full day. Appointment after appointment. Well When I woke up that morning I just knew that nothing was going to go as planned. But I didn't say anything to Sister Davis just in case it all worked out. Well it didn't everyone kept calling an cancelling so very quickly our super full day turned into a super blank day, but definitely not boring. First things first. The day before we were street contacting on the small streets of Fredericton and we ran into Todd. The guy who sold us out bikes. And told us to come in and get our bikes tuned up. So Thursday we did. Come to find out that Sister Davis front tire was barely holding on by the brake. CRAZY! She could have died. I am just thankful we decided to take the bus down Smythe hill instead of ride. Who knows what would have happened. But like I said before everything in our day fell through so we decided to knock George street. Well thank heavens we did we knocked onto a girls door named Jessica Jewell she let us in we taught and she is now on date to be baptized! Miracles happened everyday. I just so cool how the Lord works. If we hadn't had all our appointments fall through we wouldn't have met her in that time. Geography and timing is everything!

I just want to tell you about the food we were able to enjoy this past week. The Ray's fed us delicious hamburgers, Sister Lyons made a feast! Ham, potato's, 3 different deserts, and 5 different choices of ice-ceams! I couldn't resist. then last night we went to the Meyer home and had breakfast for dinner! It was so happy! Ha ha..There is no hope for me I am just going to be a little fatty when I get home! I hope you all still love me. And don't worry when I get home I can exercise as much as I want. On the mission its a little bit more difficult.

Anyways, This week was full of being in random places at the right time. everyday went by so fast and I really can't believe that this week is going to be JUNE! Time is going by so fast. I know that I say that in every email, but its so true. Yesterday at church was a full day. we had three investigators come and Gloria stayed for all three hours!! I taught gospel principles and part of the combined lesson the third hour. I love teaching! Mom remember when I was so scared to talk in front of people that I almost ran home instead of sharing my talk. How far I have come. I just pray that is doesn't go away when I am released. Anyways it was a great week with ups and downs so many happy things which always out weight the bad. Who knows what next week will bring but stayed tuned.


Sister Crofts

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  1. Wow, I can't believe her mission is almost over!