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Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Patience is a virtue

Dear Family,

Sorry that I didn't email yesterday. We went on a hike called cape spit and we didn't have enough time. But the hike was totally worth it! Today I can barley move because I am so sore and I pulled my hamstring muscle, but hey it was so much fun. We were lost for most of the hike. And because we were hiking through pretty much a jungle, I graciously received tons of scratches and bruises, But it was so beautiful and don't even worry I totally took pictures! Mom I am glad to hear that you got my letter! I don't even remember was it the beach pictures and stuff like that? Anyways I found out and I am sure you already know that Kallie has a boy friend for REAL! And he is getting baptized July 11th! Things are so crazy! Its happy, but sad at the same time to see your friends and everyone move on with there lives, but I wouldn't have it any other way. That reminds me, I received sammi's wedding invitation and it is so beautiful! I love it! Will you tell her thank you and congrats for me?
So this past week Sister Johnson and I worked really hard. We and we met a lot a really cool people this past week. So I had so some personal revelation last night. So I pray for many things from my Heavenly Father and one of those things was to have patience with myself, and with those that we teach. Well for some reason I just made the assumption that Heavenly Father would just send me these gifts. It didn't occur to me until last night, that when we ask for certain things like patience, or more faith. That is when are faith and our patience is tried. Heavenly Father in His wisdom gives us things to overcome and learn for ourselves. If He just gave me patience then I would never learn the things that I need to in this life. And we know that one of our purposes in life is to become like Him. It truly was personal revelation. This last week I feel that my patience and my faith was tried. For instance: We went to visit a less active who's name is Melita and while we walked into her apartment there was a trail of blood leading to the room. We ran inside to find that she had cut her thumb really really bad and thank heavens I have taken some first aid courses. I had to bandage up her thumb and we found out that her husband had been cheating on her! I was really hard for me to hear that. She is such a sweet lady. Then next story...Terry Evans our recent convert his doubting everything he knows to be true and many other random things. But during this time of "trial" I learned to have more faith and patience, because the Lord truly does bless us, when we are obedient. I wish I could type more, but sadly I have to go! I love you all and I will keep praying for you!


Sister Crofts

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