Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family oh how I love you!!!

Dear Family,

Where do I begin, OK so first off I just want to apologize for my terrible writing skills. I have not been able to write as much as I have wanted and I am sure all of you are super mad at me. Just so you know I will be staying hi Halifax another transfer and I will actually be training again!! I am super excited/Nervous. I am so sad that sister Johnson is leaving me she is like the worlds greatest and I am going to miss serving with her, but you never know we might serve again some day. I can't believe that I will be staying in Halifax for half my mission. This is madness. I can't even believe that I only have a year left here in Canada! Time truly is flying by. And I am loving it so much and I am learning a ton. Thank you so much for all your support, and love it means everything to me.
I wanted to give you my address so that I can get your letter faster so here it is:
3135 Joseph Howe
Apt. #2
Halifax NS, B3L 4H2

So this past week has been really good but at the same time really bad. I am sure that you have heard already what has been going on but if not I will tell you. So Shawn has been writing me all letters and emails and it has really made me want to come home and marry this guy and I was actually planning on coming home tomorrow, but I got an email from him last telling me that he is dating another girl. Dad you were so right. I of course am staying on my mission, but I can't believe that I got dear Janed. It hurts really bad but it's like you tell me mom guys are just head aches and heart breaks. So now I can just focus even more on my mission and you know when ever one door closes another one opens. It has been tough, but I am learning from this experience and that is what life is all about is to learn and grow and gain that wisdom. I am just grateful that Shawn was open and honest about things so that I didn't come home to a mess. Cause I know that I would have regret coming home early. But hey I am still here and the work is going great!! I am working really hard and the Lord is truly blessing this area. We are teaching a lot of people right now and just a few that I want to mention are Allison Surette. She is getting baptized this Saturday and I am so excited for her!! She is amazing. She is 26 and a Marine Biologist. I just love her! Also we are teaching a guy named Vivek Hari I have mentioned him in one of my last emails, but I totally spelled his name wrong. Anyways, he is so amazing! He grew up in India, is 22 and is working on his Masters in Computer Science at Dalhousie. He came to church last Sunday and really seemed to have a great time. I am so excited for him and someday soon I will try to get a picture so that I can send it to you. He has a lot of faith and I know that he feels that spirit when we teach him, because he is a very faith filled guy. Also we are teaching another guy named Neil. He is a really cool guy with tons of good questions. I am excited so see how things go with him. He has a lot of potential. Like it says in the scriptures we are to gather the elect because the elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts. And that is how I feel about all of the elect people we are teaching at this time. I am so grateful to be here serving a mission and I love this gospel with all my heart. It is true and I know it is!! No one can ever take that away from me. For I am built upon the rock of my redeemer how is Christ and I shall not fall. Let the winds and the waves come against me. I am truly doing the Lord's work and I know that we will all be blessed because of my sacrifice.
So How are things back home? How is grandpa? Jordan are you stoked for school! Your going to be a big bad senior! Live it up that all I have to say. But things here in Halifax are going swell. I am sad that summer is soon going to be over but fall and winter "might" be fun? j/k I am excited for them I just hope that I don't freeze to death. Also at the end of this month all the sisters in the mission which is twelve are going to go to P.E.I. Or price Edward Island!!! I am so excited and don't fret I will take a ton of awesome pictures!! Well Family it has been a pleasure talking with you today. I miss you all so much and I am so happy to have a family like you! Have a great week and until next time remember to do the small and simple things. This week pray for an opportunity to help someone.

Sister Crofts

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