Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, February 7, 2011

I Am An Old Missionary

Dear Family,

Wow I cant believe that another week has already gone by. ( I think I say that a lot sorry.) So this past week was full of adventures. I just wish I could remember some of them. :) Ha ha... yesterday I was running to get ready for church and I accidentally kicked a chair and I think that I totally broke my toe. It hurt so bad, and it still hurts today. When I walk I look like an old woman, my poor companions have a cripple as a companion. I was suppose to stay off it yesterday, but you know me. So we went to work and we taught a couple lessons and got a new investigator. This week we got 5 new investigators which is a Fredericton South record. I was so happy! This area is like a sleeping giant and we are here to wake it up! Oh, yeah so we finally got our third companion Sister Brandley she is super cute. She is also from Utah and is 4 foot 10!! She is awesome. It snowed a lot more here so the snow banks are just as tall as she its hilarious. But the temperature is getting warmer which is super nice. Man the members here are so amazing I am super excited to be here. They feed us and I just love it! I feel so spoiled! So yeah mom I am getting enough food so don't even worry about me. I am sleeping on the couch right now which is nice and to be honest I have been so impressed with us all sharing a bathroom. We are awesome. I received your last letter and I am excited for the home improvements! That's going to be awesome. When are you planning to start?

So yeah I hit my year mark this past week. Can you believe that I have been a missionary for over a year! This is madness! To celebrate our one year anniversary of the day we first met Sister Hamblin and I ate brownies and ice cream. And reminisced on our MTC adventures of me going to physical therapy. Me getting sick on the it was a lot about my misfortune, but it was so much fun! Yeah its been a great week. I am excited for what this coming week will bring. Remember to read and pray daily and everything else in life goes better.


Sister Crofts

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