Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, April 4, 2011

"You cannot give a Crust to the Lord, without receiving a loaf in return."

Dear Family,

Do you know the song: "I like to ride my bicycle" by Queen? Well.....we are getting bikes! Our car is getting taken away and we will be back to hitting the pavement. I am super excited to be honest. I love to be out and about among the people, and plus I can get some super good exercise. I am not sure how to ride a bike with a skirt...but I will figure it out. I had an interview with my mission president and it was so good! I just love that man. He always teaches me so much and I love learning. I talked him into letting us have bikes and also something else that I will talk about next week.
Mom about those shoes that I was going to buy, I found some old ones that another sister left so I am just going to wear those. I really don't feel like spending any more money on shoes right now. I would rather spend it on someone else.

General Conference
Oh my heavens, I was blown away by this General Conference. It was SO GOOD! Every talk that was spoken touched my heart, and arouse in me a greater desire to be more Christ like. I am so happy that I get to spend everyday all day helping and serving people. It truly is the greatest!! There were many different topics taught, but all of them were for me. I have many many ways I need to improve, but that is what is great about life. If I was perfect I would be so bored! I am just excited to be able to apply everything into my life.

April Fools
Dad do you remember two years ago when I got you so bad on April Fools Day!? Well If you don't let me remind you. I was driving mom's truck at the time, I called you up and told you in the best sad voice I could that I had wrecked the truck. I will always remember the way you responded. It wasn't yelling or chastening, it was a voice of concern for the safety of you daughter. Dad that really touched my heart... But I couldn't lie for very long so when I told APRIL FOOLS! you and I both laughed really hard. Thanks for being a good sport. This April Fools God played a pretty funny one. It snowed 20 Cm. in a very short period of time. Cars were sliding off the road, snow everywhere, it was a mess. After parking the car we put on our big coats and went knocking. It was a great day.

The Miracle of the Week
We were out knocking doors the other night when we get a phone call. It was Jeff who came into church the week before asking for a copy of the Book Of Mormon. Sister Davis and I sprinted so fast. He is such a cool kid. We are finally teaching him today. Its during our P-Day but I don't even care. I has really good questions and he wants to find God. He came to the right place. :D

I know that so much more happens every week, so I am sorry that I am so vague. But just know that I love doing the Lord's work. I know this truly is His. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am so grateful again for all of your love, and support!

God Bless


Sister Crofts

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