Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"...becaus​e of the spirit...w​hich has wrought a mighty change in our hearts... we have no more dispostion to do evil, but to do good continuall​y. -

Dear Family,

This week was AMAZING!!!!! I am not even going to be able to write half of the amazing miracles and blessings that occurred. First of all I just want to testify of the importance of having the Holy Ghost in our lives. He is the 3rd member of the Godhead, and we have a right to have him as our constant companion. We should never take this lightly. Because of the Holy Ghost I know that my Heavenly Father is real, and so is Jesus Christ. Because of the Holy Ghost I am here in Atlantic Canada. Oh, so many reasons for things. Really I just wanted you all to know how important the Holy Ghost is in my life. He testifies of truth and will tell us all things what we must do.
Satan tries to do everything in his power to make us unworthy to have the spirit. Knowing this should motivate us so that we do all we can each day to be worthy, so that we may make the correct choices and come closer to Christ.

So I am sure you are so excited to hear about this past week! First of all I finally received the package you sent, it was perfect!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I couldn't stop smiling the whole day. I loved the pictures and the food. And Jordan thank you so very much for your letter. It made me so happy! Before I opened the package I was reading on the outside what was in it, and I saw the word cheese! I was like whaat?! I was relieved to find that it was just the easy cheese stuff and not "real" cheese. Ha...ha... Thank you again. I love you!
This past week was the last week of the Transfer and I forget to tell you that I am being transferred to Prince Edward Island!!!!
Ha..ha... I'm just kidding :D I am staying here with Sister Davis! I am sure I will stay here for the rest of my mission. This week was full of tender mercies of the Lord. I have felt so blessed and I don't know why He loves us so much. Just so you know I am getting way stronger on my bike. I am so grateful for them. And just so you know mom my Mission President is the best! We didn't have to pay one penny for them. The only problem so far is that my skirt got caught in the tire and it ripped a hole in it. Good times. :)

-Cool Stories of the week-

On Easter Sunday we were out knocking doors. We came to a house with loud rock music playing. We knocked on the door and out walked a grungy skater named Jesse. As we began to talk to him he stopped us and told us we were wasting our time. There was no hope for him.Now you know me I just pretended like I didn't hear him and bore my testimony of how much God loved him and what divine potential he had. We gave him a card for our website and as we were walking down the street I told Sister Davis that I just wanted him to feel the spirit...So yesterday we were running out the door to go to an appointment when I noticed that we had a text. I checked it and all it said was: " Is this the church at the end of Massey street?" I was like Sister, Who is this?! I called the number and Jesse answered. He said he had been looking at the website and that he wants to come check out our church. I was so excited I didn't really know what to say. Ha.. ha... it was so awesome!! This truly is the Lord's work. Me I am nothing.

Also on Easter Sunday we had stake conference and we had Elder Golden a member of the Quorum of the Seventy present. We had a General authority here. He asked if he could meet with all the recent converts in the area. Sister Davis and I were privileged to sit in the meeting while he met with all of them. As I looked around the room 4 People from Fredericton were there and also Joe Xue from Halifax was visiting. I was such a sweet experience. My heart was full. And my eyes were wet. Just to see these amazing people all together who had recently accepted the Gospel. SO AMAZING!
So after the meeting Joe reaches out his hand to Bo and starts speaking Chinese to him. I just thought, yeah they are both from China they both speak the same language. Well come to find out Bo Xi and Joe Xue went to high school together in CHINA! Do you know how big China is??? It was so cool! I couldn't believe that I was able to meet and teach two amazing Chinese guys and that they would know each other. What are the odds.

Can I just say that Fredericton is a GOLD MINE! I love this place. We are teaching Bo's Friend Xiao Han now and he is so cool . His only concern is that his mom thinks religion is a waste of time. I wish that Hari was here to share his experience. Also this weekend we are going to start teaching Brother Breau's mom! I am so excited. what so much has happened and I always forget most of it. The weather is finally starting to warm up! Happy days! I am so excited to hear that I will not only get to talk to you but see you this Mothers day!
Thank you again for everything. Keep on keepin on and I will see you in no time!



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