Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, June 13, 2011

"The sun never sets on righteous missionari​es testifying of the Savior." - Elder Neil L. Andersen


Another week.....Where do the days go! So I have had a funny week! A tiring week, but everything has been swell! First of all I just want to tell you all that I LOVE YOU!!!!!! That's the real truth, but even more than that, THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME BACK!!!

So last Monday we decided hey the sun is finally shining we should take some pictures, so we went down town and took a bunch. It was super fun. As we were heading home I was thinking to myself...this really is the life when....we got a text. Gloria one of our investigators telling us that she couldn't meet anymore. That moment of peace ended quick. We quickly called her and started walking to her house asking what was going on and if we could see her. She told us that she couldn't at the moment. My heart sunk and so did Sister Davis's. Missionary work is WORK! It takes time for people to change their lives. And that's okay with me. I thought I would be more upset, but I had a sense of understanding that one day she will except the fullness of the gospel. It just takes time. So that's how the week started and it didn't stop their.

One night we were teaching out new investigators Katherine and Philip. They live in a huge house with like 5 other roommates. One of their roommates decided to join us and is now a new investigator. Its so cool when things like that happen. The Lord knows his children. I am just responsible for being in tune with the spirit so that when the Lord places someone in my path I act. Another cool experience like that happened also this week. We received a referral from Salt Lake and decided to go and stop by. Well we were just standing outside the apartment building when in walks a guy named Chris. We ask how he is and he say, "fine, I guess....from coming from a funeral." I didn't even think I just opened my mouth and testified to him of the restored gospel and the truth that he could be with his family forever. We asked if we could teach him more and he excepted. Being in the right place at the right time is just the best.

Funny Stories
So Wednesday morning we were standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus. never came. Sister Davis called the bus place just to ask when it was coming and they gave us a FREE TAXI! It was hilarious. I guess we should call more often. ;)
We were knocking doors down-town when we see this huge brown dog running down the street with a guy wearing flip flops and a sweater chasing after him. Sister Davis and I stand in front and try to stop the dog, but lets face it a big dog running full speed into two little white girls...I don't think so. We move out of the way just as the dog went whizzing past. A few minutes later a lady on a bike comes peddling by asking if we had seen a dog. Later we come to find out that the guy chasing the dog in flip flops and the woman of the bike were just passing by when the dog escaped. They didn't even know it. That was the exciting news for Fredericton. ha ha good times.

Okay so the best story of the week has a little history. So do you remember a while back when I told you of the Elder that was emergency transferred because of me?! Well, anyways, this week I received a letter from him and I am so excited for all of you to read it. I was shocked, apparently he had a big crush on me and I had no idea. He wrote me a three page letter asking me on a date when I get home! I was shocked I had no idea. Good times I have to tell you!

So next week is Sister Conference and I am so excited! I get to go to Halifax! Well I hope that I do! But its going to be great! Just pray that it doesn't rain the whole time. We had some pretty awesome thunderstorms here this past week. And some good sunshine. Who even know what this week will bring. We met some way cool people this week, lets just hope that something comes from it. Well my family I love you all so much!!

Also we have been praying for opportunities to do service for the people and let me tell you "ask and ye shall receive." We have dug a whole pile of gravel, weeded a garden, and next week we are helping a woman clean her house! Happy days! I love helping people!

Spiritual Thought

So we went to contact a referral yesterday and it made me so sad. I like to ask people who Jesus Christ is to them, just so I have a better understanding of where they are coming from. Well usually when people say oh yeah, Jesus he was cool. He was just a prophet, or I just think he taught good things. I can brush it off. But yesterday when this woman told me that she puts Jesus Christ in the same category as Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi I really hurt my heart. Because I know for myself that he is the son of God. He is my elder brother, Savior, and Redeemer. He suffered for me and for all of us. I often think which drop of blood did I make him shed for my sins and mistakes. I will be eternally grateful just to know that through Jesus Christ I can return to live with my Father in Heaven and be with all of you forever! It makes me smile! I love that everyday I get to share this blessed message many!

Dad I bought you a card for Fathers day but I dont' know when it will reach you, so HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I AM SO PROUD OF ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING! YOU'RE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!





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