Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, June 20, 2011

".....Wher​e love is, there is God also...." -Gandhi

Dear Family,

The Canada Postal strike....funny...And no I haven't received any mail. Thank heavens we have the Internet! Thank you technology!

The sun was slowly setting as we drove to Fredericton Junction. The day had been a whirlwind, and it felt nice to sit. The McRitchie's were driving us to our next appointment which was about 45 min. away. Brother McRitchie was sharing his insights and thoughts about life. To be honest dad he reminds me of you, its nice. :)
He began with a story of an old friend who had been an alcoholic all his life. He went on to say that many people past judgement and never got to know who he truly was. He explained that after his son had been killed by a drunk driver, his friend gave up alcohol, because it hit so close to his heart.
He then described a homeless friend of his who would pass through town occasionally. He recalled a time when Brother McRitchie and his friend were walking down the street together when they ran into another homeless man who had offered them half of the apple he had....pausing for a moment....Brother McRitchie then said: " You know people who could have provided a full meal to that man would have rather crossed the street, than walked past him. But they didn't see his heart....they only saw the outward appearance." Pausing again....he said: " The Lord shows His beauty in strange places."
With tears now rolling down his cheeks he described a worn and beat Book Of Mormon that the first set of missionaries gave him when he started to investigate the church. He compared it to a new set that he now owned. Explaining that the message contained in both books was the same. We as people are so quick to pass judgement. God looks at the heart and not on the outward appearance.

The words spoken on that drive deeply touched my heart. I just felt like sharing it. Remember that judgement is the final act. When we judge we will never get to know the heart.

Sister Davis and I worked really hard this week. We do every week but this week was awesome!! We met with a lot of people and many of them are progressing in the gospel! Happy Days!! First of all I just have to tell you about Chen. When we first started meeting with him he had no belief in God. Now he does and he reads the Book of Mormon everyday! So this past week when we went over to his house our main focus was on prayer and how we could help him understand more of the importance of it in his life. I don't exactly know what questions were asked, but as he began to speak he began to describe the Spirit! He said that when he prays he feels peace. As he did this he placed his hand on his heart and went on to explain the way prayer made him feel. I have never seen his eye's light up like they did that day. I was just a tender mercy of the Lord. I think to myself a lot about just how blessed I am to be part of this great work. I am grateful that my Heavenly Father lets me help Him, help Him help his children.
Also this week we taught Jessica the Plan of Salvation. It was so cool! We asked her what she thought about it, and she told us of her great grandfather that had passed away and that she didn't need to be sad any more because she knows that she will see him again! She also told us that the gospel is filling a hole in her heart! WHAT!!

This church is true, what more can I say! Also this week was my first week teaching someone from Japan. His name is Kaiichi Satake and he is soooo cool! He has a lot of good questions and really want to learn and understand. Also another new investigator named Keyang(koy-young) he is from china and he is also super excited to learn about the Book of Mormon. Plus this week we had 5 people at church! It was awesome!!
Also a girl named Lidia come to church this past week. She has been inactive for about 4 years and is coming back. This place is gold mine...what can I say....
Just so you all know I am HAPPY! I love me life and I get to go to Halifax TOMORROW!!

This week at a glance:

An investigator paid tithing! John 7:17
An investigator with conviction saying: "I have to know!"
Randomly painting a deck for man named chuck.
A talk at church entitled "Brown Pants"
interviewed on the street by some guy
Found my new favorite place in Fredericton besides my bed "Sweet Belgian Desire." They have the best waffles EVER!!
Also I have my interview with the Mission President!
A contact at the door saying...excuse me I need to put on some trousers.....

Have the best day


Sister Crofts

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