Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you" -Philippians 1:3

FAMILY!!!! HI!!!!!

Oh my goodness if feels so good to be writing you!! I am so happy that you both had so much fun on your trip! I can't wait to hear all about it. I hope you took lots of pictures. I am happy that you got my letter today and I am glad that you like the pictures!! I am still sorry that my email last week was lame sauce, but I am writing a better one this week so happy! This past week has been really good. I think I say that every time, but every week seems so good. The time here is flying by! I can't believe it is already April 7th! Speaking of April how was every ones Easter?? Did you all get to watch conference? Cause I know that I did and it was so awesome! I am very grateful for conference and the things that I was able to learn, but at the same time it made me really appreciate watching conference at home. Cause here everyone has to go to the Church house and watch it. So be grateful that you can sit in your PJ's and watch it. One quote that I got out of conference is "a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step; so watch your step!' I thought that was so true. Also I thought the theme was families and strengthening the homes. So I just say if you are not having regular family prayer and scripture study start. Because the world is only going to get more and more wicked and we need to keep our homes a safe strong place. Don't worry mom, dad, and Jordan I am not getting after you for all I know you are doing that right now, but I just thought I would give you my insight.
The weather this past week has been really good! Easter weekend was sooo amazing!! I didn't have to wear a coat and I only had to wear one layer of tights!! I am so excited for summer! The grass is already really green and there are flowers every where here! Someday I think we should come back here as a family just so you can see how pretty it is!! So tomorrow our car is getting taken from us and we will be riding the bus! I am super nervous, but at the same time excited. I am going to really have to be organized. This week is transfers and don't worry I am staying in Halifax with sister Olsen. We are getting a long great and we work well together. Oh I forgot to tell you I had not one but two Easter dinners this past weekend and they were so good and huge!! people here feed you like you are a king or something! So mom or Jordan I was wondering if you could send me some recipes of smoothies and really easy fast meals!
So this past week some really cool things have happened. Yesterday we were volunteering at the military center and we got into this conversation with this man named Terry. Well he has been reading on and we really loves everything that he has learned. We hopefully are going to be able to teach him soon. Also two Chinese boys named Joe and Ji are doing really good. We are going to commit them to baptism this week and I will let you know how it goes. Also we met this man named Wayne on the street and had a really good conversation with him. He said he has been looking for a church over 10 years! We gave him a Book of Mormon and we are going to try and meet with him. Yesterday we were knocking on doors and this old man answered and I will tell you what he is one of the meanest men I have ever met. He told Sister Olsen and I that this "religious" thing we were going through was just a fad and he told us that we were crazy and we didn't have any place coming around talking to people. It was hard to shake off, but I just smiled and told him to have a wonderful day. I wonder if something terrible happened in his life to make him so bitter. But over all things here in Halifax are going so good! I am nervous for summer to come, because all of the college students will be going home and the Young single adult branch I am serving in will become really small. But no worries.
So how is Orderville? What things are new? How is everyone? Dad how is work? Family I love you so much and like it says in my heading I thank my God upon every remembrance of you! I am so grateful that God placed me in the family that he did. So thank you all for being so AWESOME!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will hear from you soon!!

Sister Crofts

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