Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

.....Back to wearing the wool tights.....

Dear Family,

HI!!! can you believe that another week has come and gone! Life goes by so fast sometimes! Mom thank you for the picture of Adaiza's wedding I am super excited to see all of the pictures! I love all of you so much and I am so glad that you let me know whats going on. So I am really worried about you cough so I was thinking about it, and I feel that you should get the carpets cleaned. (professionally) Because dust mights are a cause of lots of respiratory problems. Also dust mights can live in you mattress so you should probably vacuum that as well. I just want you to start feeling better that's all. Cause if you are coughing more than someone that smokes then.....that is no good!
So yes it is getting colder here in Halifax and it makes me laugh, if I die this winter just know that is was for a good cause. (j/k) But really I am scared! The leaves are starting to change and it reminds me of home. I love it! So Sister Hudson and I are really really busy and it is awesome! I never want to leave Halifax I have really enjoyed my time here. So last week I went on exchanges to Eastern Passage a small fishing community just outside of Halifax. It was a big change it reminded me of home as well, because of the lack of people. I have been so use to people that is was kind of nice to go some where a little more quiet. I saw the stars for the first time in a while that was nice.
I must say that Sister Hudson and I have a blast together we are always laughing! All of our investigators are the funnest people alive! I love it! A mission really is the best thing I have ever done. Its been super hard and I know there are plenty more hard times a head, but I love it here. I am learning so much everyday and it really makes me happy! This past Sunday was a pretty crazy day. We woke up at 6:30 like we do every morning got ready studied from 8 until about 9:30 because we had to catch a bus and then went to the church there we had an investigator named Susan who is in the family ward so we went to church with her, then we taught a lesson to our Investigator who is on date named Taylor at 11. Then we went to our branch and then after church we had a meeting and we didn't get home until 5 in the afternoon! It was a super long day the church, but it was great because we got so much done. Plus I like being around members we are liked at church, on the street is sometimes a different story. Everything is going well here in Halifax it is amazing to see how the gospel changes peoples lives. Joe who was baptized recently received the priesthood on Sunday and I must say that his whole countenance has changed. This gospel is true and don't forget it!! Also Judith one of Chinese investigators is doing really well. last Friday we went to her house for a lesson and we followed-up to see how her reading and praying had been going. She told us that earlier that morning she had prayed to know its "Mormon" (that's what she calls it in her Chinese accent) is true and right for her. She said that she had a very strong feeling that it is and that this is what she should do! My heart was beating strong and the spirit was totally there. It was such a cool experience and I really felt like I was in some kind of missionary movie. She is the sweetest thing ever! And I really wish that you all could meet all the amazing people we are teaching. You know what I realize every single person in the world has some kind of challenge or trial but the amazing thing is that the gospel will help overcome anything that anyone has to deal with. We truly are God's children and He just wants to bless us. All we have to do is be humble and allow him into our lives. You know we can't always have a perfect knowledge of things, but we can have a perfect trust! And I know that to be true.
So mom I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the November Ensign? I really want one for myself so that I can mark it up and write notes all over it. Conference was good this year, well its good every year, but you know what I mean. So you asked about Thanksgiving well I already told you a little bit, but the reason that they celebrate earlier than us is there harvest season is shorter and they celebrate Thanksgiving to be thankful for the harvest that they do have. That's what I learned about it. Remember how much we don't like makes me laugh I am sorry that I won't be there to make Delicious homemade rolls this year, but hey next year right!! Well that's all that I really have to say about that. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I will let you know how things are next week! Remember to keep having family prayer and scripture study! I love you all!!!!!


the coolest Sister Crofts

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  1. If you have a persistent cough, it could very well be asthma. If it is, your doctor can prescribe an inhaler that will absolutely save you! I discovered as an adult that I have asthma. Here are some symptoms that I have had:
    --every morning I cough and choke
    --stress can trigger a coughing fit
    --extreme exercise can also trigger a coughing fit

    IF those symptoms fit you, see your doctor! :)