Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy October!!

Dear Family,

This week a miracle happened!! Joe Xue one of our investigators from China finally got baptized this past Sunday!!! It was such a wonderful baptism, the spirit was so strong and you know me I was getting all choked up! It was a neat experience, and I know that miracles really do happen! The weather here has been warmer than usual which has been well nice for me cause I hate being cold. But it is starting to cool down. Next week on the 11th is the Canadian Thanksgiving! Crazy that they have it on a different day, but I am excited! So conference was AMAZING! I love hearing from the Prophets and Apostles they are so wonderful! One of my favorites was Pres. Uchdorf about slowing down and simplifying our lives. What were your favorites??
Today we went to Peggy's cove and it was beautiful! I love just how beautiful Nova Scotia is, it makes me happy! Sorry this is short, but I am feeling better and just so you know I had a cold no big deal.


Sister Crofts

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