Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gottingen street or can you say gotta'-gun-street

Dear Family,

hahaha Where do I begin? This week has been crazy!! I am not going to lie I have felt kind of like I have been in a soap Oprah. Okay (mom don't freak out.) so last Wednesday we had an appointment with an investigator named Isaiah. He lives in a scary part of town near a street called Gottingen, but its all good. . The night of his appointment we had a member coming with us, and a couple minutes before the appointment she calls us telling us to get off of a Creighton, because she just heard two gun shots!! I was like WHAT!! But Sister Nicholls face was even better. During the phone call a bunch of cop cars flew past us. We called Isaiah and ran into his house. Nothing happened, but it was a pretty good rush. Also this past week I reached my 10 month mark! WOOT! And we were in the Dalhousie newspaper, some angry person hating on us, because we try to share our beliefs. It made me laugh. The most exciting news of the day is: Andrew Connell one of our investigators whom I have had the privilege of teaching is getting BAPTIZED this Saturday!!! At church on Sunday we were taken out of class where Andrew told us that he knows this is true and that he wants to get baptized. Sister Hudson and I had set a date for the 4th but he declined. During out little meeting he said that he had felt that he should have been baptized then so now he is ready!! I am super excited! Keep him in your prayers. Also on Sunday Vikram one of our investigators from India showed a lot of dedication to get to church. He missed his ride so he decided to ride the bus. it took him more than two hours to get to the church, but he finally did it! I was well impressed. I think about people who just live down the road from the Church and how hard it is for them to get there. And here is Vikram sacrificing his whole day to make it to one class of church. He is awesome.
Now that I have told you the most exciting news of the day I am going to tell you the strangest news of the day. Without disclosing any names, the other night okay actually last Wednesday (everything crazy happened that night) We were going on exchanges which means that we swtich companions for 24 hours. So Sister Hudson and Sister Billings were in our apartment mind you this is just after the gun shots. I get a phone call and it is one of the Elders in my district he asks if he can have a private conversation with me. I felt really weird but said okay. During the conversation he expressed that he really, really wanted to write me when he goes home, and that he had been really distracted by me. I was thinking no, no, no!!!! Pretty much that he has a huge crush on me! After I hung up the phone I did what any girl would do and told all the sisters what had just happened. I knew it was inappropriate so I called President and had a short conversation with him. A couple days went by of me trying to forget about the conversation when I find out that he had been EMERGENCY TRANSFERRED!! I was like great! Look at me causing all this drama. I still feel really strange about the whole situation, but whatever I guess. So yeah this week has been crazy, its amazing as a missionary how sometimes so much can happen and then other times it like nothing.
As for the weather here it has just been raining a lot! And it has been really windy. the other day we were walking home and this huge gust of wind stopped us in our tracks it literally took my breath away! I could barely walk. It was hilarious! But for December it is not to cold and that makes me super happy!! Okay story time. So yesterday I was not prepared for the weather at all and I got soaked!! For dinner we came home and I took everything off so that I could get warm and dry off. Well when dinner was over I put on my tights, running tights, slip, coat, rain coat, hat, gloves, and boots and I was ready to go. well just as we were about to leave Sister Nicholls surprising asks, "Sister Crofts, where's your skirt!?" I had totally forgot to put my skirt on, and it could have been the most embarrassing moment on my life. Good thing I have a good companion.
As far as the work goes it has been difficult this past week. We have had so many cancelled appointments I could just die, but Hari, Andrew, Vikram, Isaiah seem to all be doing good. Next week are transfers and I am super SCARED! I really don't want to leave Halifax, but hey I will go where ever the Lord needs me to go. I am happy and healthy and I love being a missionary! Thank you all so much for everything! I LOVE YOU!!! Also could you please tell the ward:
Thank you so much! I am ever so grateful for all of your love and support and I really appreciate all that you have sacrificed for not only me, but for everyone in this community. I love bragging about Orderville and the people in it! I love you all!!

Family your great hey guess what in a couple weeks we will be talking for reals!!! Remember Christ is the reason for the season.


Sister Crofts

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