Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

....Talkin 'bout the restoration....

Dear Family,

Wow I seriously can't believe that ANOTHER week has gone by! Time is going by super fast! So yesterday was transfer calls and guess what......your never going to believe what happened!!! I AM STAYING IN HALIFAX ANOTHER 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!! You should have seen me, I was so nervous before we found out I kind of wanted to throw-up, but after I found out I gave Sister Nicholls a high five, and went dancing around the church! I was soooo excited. And not the mention I received the package you sent the same day! Thank you!! Mom you are the sweetest thing thanks for giving my companion a stocking also, it really brightened her day! I love the tree and the nativity set. Also the candy is fantastic; all of my favorite things your the best!!! Ok so some business: My phone number is ********** Now I am not sure what time you want to call on Christmas but we can discuss it more next week! I must say that I am super excited to talk to all of you! I just have so much to say!

Alright so the past week in Halifax has been a roller coater ride. Saturday was the day Andrew was baptized and over all it was the best day EVER! But we get to the church expecting the font to be filled by our handy branch mission leader...but it wasn't :( so we cranked the water to the max so that it could fill fast, because we only had an hour. Lets just say the water was a little cold :D We had to set everything up, one of the speakers were late etc... I am not going to lie I was a little stressed, but you know what, everything went exactly how it was meant to. Andrew was baptized and it was a beautiful sight. We had two investigators there Vikram and Hari. Hari told us that he could see him self getting baptized when the time it right. And after all of that we had a branch Christmas party which was really nice. The food was great ( really any free food it great!) And I just loved being around people that I love. Then the next day was a different story it was probably the worst nights I have ever had on my mission lets just say I cried a lot. One of our investigators dropped us and more than him dropping us that made me sad was what that boy has gone through and is still dealing with. I just feel so bad, because the gospel is suppose to bring happiness into people's lives. It was a crazy moment. But Monday was a super day everything that we planned went perfectly and it felt so nice! God truly was blessing us for some reason.
The weather here in Halifax has been fantastic! It has been raining a lot, but to be honest that is ok with me, because that means warmer temperatures. Yesterday the high was 12! It was so nice. And today the sun is shining and I am loving it. Really I think I am living the dream I love being a missionary!

Oh my goodness Sister Nicholls just reminded me that also this past week we had our Christmas Zone conference and it was super fun! I got the package you sent with all the letters and stuff! I had no idea that you were sending that stuff! Thanks you should tell all the cousins thanks and also I absolutely love the pictures of Kal doing our secret hand shake that was pretty righteous!! Mom what can I say your the greatest!!! At Zone Conference we performed a song that we wrote to the tune of Revolution it goes like this....

We're talking 'bout the Restoration
We want to change the world
He wants to give you exaltation
He loves you don't you know

We knock on your door and we talk to you
We come to tell you what we know it true
There's a Prophet on the Earth! Today!
He wants you to heed, and obey


We have a book and it's covers blue
Will you pray to know if it's true?
And then be baptized!
We have a suit that's over sized!


on Christmas if you remind me I will sing it to you, cause its pretty awesome!! But yeah I love Halifax life is great! Thanks for all you do and until next time...remember "All you need it love!"

Love you to the moon and back,

Sister Crofts

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