Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Last Email of 2010

Dear Family,

Can I just say that I loved talking to all of you at Christmas! That was so great! I love all of you so much!

Not a whole lot of exciting things have happened since I talked to you, but I'll tell you what...this last week has been funny! Sunday morning Sister Nicholls and I were street contacting on Quinpool no one was out, so it was pretty much like a Sunday morning stroll, but we did run into this cute old man who when I went to shake his hand he pulled me in and kissed me of the cheek! It was hilarious just because I am a missionary. Then the next day we were walking in down town Halifax and we talked to a couple people and the two ladies that we stop both give us hugs! I was like what?! Everybody just feels like hugging us these days which is fine by me. Also last night we were out street contacting and we ran into an investigator from the Bahamas named Ashley. He was so excited to see us he gave a both a big hug. It made me laugh. I haven't been hugged by a guy for almost a year! So this past week has been a week of love. I like it. :) Oh, man church on Sunday was hilarious it is Christmas break no one is here so at church not very many people showed up, but Vivek Hari came to church which was awesome. Every time he comes to church it just feels so normal for him to be there. Sometimes when investigators come I am stressed out to the max, but with Hari I already feel like he is a memeber so its nice. After Church we were waiting for our bus and Hari tried to teach me some Tamil. Man that language is insane! Compared to our 26 letters they use 246 I think? Its crazy!
We met with out new investigator Mark from Lebanon and he is so cool! He really wants to know the truth and how it can apply to him in is life today! I was like well Mark that is what is so great about the Restored Church; its a living church! We don't have to depend on past prophets, because we have one on the earth today right now! I am excited for him to learn more. He is doing Cancer Research as a Masters Student here at Dalhousie. The people I get to me are so cool! But other than that I am just doing a lot of finding and whatever else. I am super excited for school to start so that people will be back in town. I feel like all my friends have been gone forever, and I don't like it. But hey have a Happy NEW YEAR!!

Until next week


Sister Crofts

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