Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's the Mormons.....No really it is the Mormons!!

Dear Family,

I just got a call from the Elders wishing me a happy birthday! Silly boys I told them my birthday was next week! Can you believe it I am going to be 22 next week! And I am super excited!! And I don't even know why, because as a sister missionary you really can't do a whole lot except wear a skirt and eat! LOL just kidding, but its kind of true. Mom you are seriously the greatest EVER! I am super excited to call that bakery and get some food, Thank you!!! Okay I don't know why but I have a lot to say so prepare yourselves.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! What did you do ring in the new year? I'll tell you what I did....I went to Wendy's ate some food, got some ice cream at McDonald's, and Then did my laundry. I was in bed by 10:30. I love being a missionary! Oh, before I forget something terrible has happened! My P-day has been changed to Monday! The week before my birthday :S I am super sad, but its all good. Just so you have a heads up I will no longer email on Wednesday.

School started today and I am so happy! This place has been a ghost town for long enough. Yesterday the craziest thing happened. We were teaching an investigator named Kuol and he actually committed to come to church which was a miracle in its self, but after his lesson this guy came over to us and I just opened my mouth and started talking to him like we were good friends. Later Sister Nicholls was telling me that she thought that I knew the kid. But to be honest I had never seen him in my life. His name is Ajay and he is from India he has a belief in God and wants to learn more about Jesus Christ. I was just blown away by the whole thing. Sister Nicholls was in shock so she didn't say much during our conversation, but it was so cool! sometimes God just lets them fall into your lap and that is what happened yesterday. I am sure you are all totally confused why that was a miracle, but as a missionary you are avoided not approached. I mean we spend hours and hours stopping people on the street, and knocking doors trying to talk to people. Usually people are "scared" of us. I realized that either people hate us or they love us. Its going to be weird someday when I am just a normal person.
So we are reading the Book of Mormon from beginning to end as a mission and felt that our investigator Hari should read it with us so everyday we read a certain number of chapters and every night we met and talk about them, it is really awesome! And I am totally blown away by how well he can read and understand the scriptures. Its well nice. Anyways before we started this Sister Nicholls and I were meeting with him and as I have told you in the past he has had many challenges during these past months which have been super super hard. Well I have fasted and fasted and prayed pouring out my heart to God to make things easier for him and that things would work out with everything. Well during the lesson Sister Nicholls was promising him blessings and she promised him that everything would work out. As she did I felt the spirit very strong that, that was true. True as the sun rising everyday. Later that night I was telling her about the spirit that I felt and she told me that was not what she was going to say, but that was what come out. I hope that Hari felt the spirit. But I just thought it was such a cool thing to see the spirit working through us. Its really hard to explain, but I hope you understand.
We met with an inactive member named Ben Henwood this past week and it was so cool! He doesn't know if God is really there, but he has a desire to know for himself which is awesome. I am super excited to see were this goes, I will keep you posted.

Just some random things, last week I bought some boots! And I saved $115! I was so proud of myself. Oh and a really funny thing happened we ran into a former investigator on the bus and set a time to meet. We get to his house and he had totally forgotten, but let us in anyways. He had a friend over and as we walked in his friend as who is was he told him: "it's the Mormons....He friend just started laughing thinking yeah right Neil meeting with the Mormons, but Neil replied...No really it is the Mormons!" His friend was super embarrassed and I was just laughing really hard on the inside. Good times. I am sure none of you are laughing, but trust me it really was funny! As a missionary you are in some of the most awkward situations, but they make for great stories. Anyways life is great I hope you all have a great day and remember that I LOVE YOU!!


Sister Crofts

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