Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, January 17, 2011


Dear Family,

Mom thanks for giving me that guys comment to my blog it made me smile. Happy Days! So a lot has happened this past week I really hope I can remember some of it. :) As you know it was my birthday on Wednesday and it was so HAPPY! I really felt loved and I will tell you why. So on Monday (yes we decided to party all week long) We went to an Indian restaurant called the Taj Mahal. It was super good! Hari came with us, and we like always had a great time. But the best part about all of this is...Hari's dad had called him earlier in the day, and apologized for everything that had happened. I almost cried I was so happy! The day before I had fasted for him that the Lord would please just bless him. I told the Lord that Hari was keeping all the commandments, he was trying his hardest and I wanted God to bless him. Like the Scriptures say: 'ask and you shall receive.' To me that was the best birthday present EVER! And a miracle. God truly does listen to our prayers. Being a missionary has helped me understand this so much more. I have also noticed that when I am praying for others God seems to answer faster, I like that.
Okay so Tuesday was just another day in the mish, but Wednesday came around and it was awesome. We woke up at 6:30 and first thing I see is a text from Hari wishing me happy birthday. He had text me at midnight and was truly the first one to wish me happy birthday on my for reals birthday! He is so sweet. Then Sister Nicholls made me lemon poppy seed muffins that Kallie had sent. And I loved them! At ten we went to a coffee shop and we had a lesson with Hari and he gave me a cute little birthday cake and a shirt that I am going to send you pictures of. Its Nike and it says "On a Mission." I love it! Also Wednesday was a super busy day so we were able to teach a bunch of people which I love. We met with one of our investigators from the Bahamas named Arnold. He has finished the Book of Mormon and is starting it again. He is so cool! And he came to church this past Sunday. A member named Amberle came with us, and she made me cookies and a birthday card. She is super awesome! I love being here in Halifax.

Also on Wednesday I received the food from the bakery and it was awesome! I was just expecting like a couple muffins and some cookies. But no! He pulled out cupcakes, bread, a bunch of muffins, and cookies. I was really surprised, THANK YOU! Mom you are seriously the coolest ever I love you!!! Also on my birthday it snowed like a beast. Sister Nicholls and I waited for a bus for over a half hour. We seriously looked like snow men. Lets just say we were soaked. Our bus never came so we called it a night and Sister Nicholls and I went and ate cold-stone ice cream. It was really fun!
The next day Thursday we had interviews with our mission president and I had a really good long chat with him about life and missionary work. I am really grateful for my mission president and the time and effort he puts into serving the Lord. I am pretty sure that I am leaving next transfer so if you want to send me anything send it to the mission office or just wait until next Monday. Transfers are next Thursday!
Thursday night President Moses the branch president took us out to a Thai restaurant and it was amazing! I love food! Can you tell I food, I am always talking about it. Anyways During dinner I had to make a phone call so I was on the other side of the restaurant when I see a cake with candles and everything heading toward my table. Sister Nicholls energetically waved me over. It was a happy surprise, I had 2 birthday cakes for my birthday. I am so blessed to be here with so many amazing people. I am going to have a broken heart when I leave this place, but everything will be okay. Oh, I also forgot to mention that I have the sweetest companion, she surprised me with cute little notes through out the day about how cool I am and it really made me feel special. I don't really understand why people are so nice to me, but I like it.

Things in the city are finally starting to pick back up. FINALLY! I am super happy about that. So I have been here so long that people are starting to know my name. We stopped a couple on the street and the girl asked if one of us was sister Crofts. I felt awkward because I thought maybe I had met her before, but it turns out I met her friend a couple days earlier. Funny! Last night we were knocking doors and can I just tell you they only send the really faithful missionaries to cold places, because it was super cold last night. But Anyways we were talking to this guy named Drew. He is almost finished with his Masters in Microbiology and he is as really cool guy. While we were talking to him, I tried really hard to just listen to what he was saying and also to the spirit. We were talking a lot about what happens after we die, and a question popped into my head that I knew I had to ask him. I looked at him straight in the eye and I asked him: "Without thinking about what everyone else has told you about life and death and everything What do you want to happen after you die?" He paused for a moment and then told us what he really hoped happened after this life. And you want to know what he said? I know you do. He expressed that he wanted to continue to learn and grow and progress after this life. He wanted to continue to gain knowledge. I was able to bear my testimony of the restored Gospel that Our Heavenly Father wants us to continue to learn and grow and progress after this life and become like Him. I felt the spirit there and I know that at that moment he felt a familiar ring to my words, because he has heard them before he came here. I was a very humbling experience for me to have the Holy Ghost speak through me. I am so grateful I have this opportunity to be an instrument in the hands of God. I will keep you posted on what happens with Drew.

On Saturday I went on exchanges with Sister Hudson in Eastern Passage. It was so pretty, but I really missed Halifax. Non the less we had a super day! We committed a girl to baptized for March 5th. We got a new investigator and taught a less active less. It was a super good day. I love working with Sister Hudson we are just so much fun together. I really want you all to meet her someday. Yesterday was church and it was so happy! So many people were there and I couldn't help but SMILE! I love the people here.
Wow, I told you a lot had happened this past week. I am excited for what this following week will bring. Remember this week to thank God for you many blessings. To look for an opportunity to help someone in need. And take time to look at the beautiful world that we live in. I love you all! Smile life isn't that bad!


SISTER CROFTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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