Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, March 28, 2011

THE DAY I LEARNED HOW TO TIE A TIE! (the things you learn on a mission.)

Dear Family,

Missionary work...It's a crazy thing. Last week was a really hard week. Everything we had cancelled and nothing seemed to be going our way. Thank heaven this is the Lord's work. We did have some pretty amazing things happen though...Bo Xi was baptized March 24! He received the Holy Ghost yesterday and the priesthood! He is so cool. Also our recently baptized Brother Breau participated in his ordination. While we are on the subject of Priesthood, dad I am super excited for you! Keep doing the small stuff and everything will be great.

So yesterday we had a miracle happen...We were just at church like usual when this guy named Jeff walks into the building. First he was talking to the elders and then we started talking to him. He has been searching for a church and he has looked at our website (Which I would ask if all of you would go to and check out.) its pretty sweet. And he said he really liked what he had read. He stayed the whole three hours of church and it was really cool. We will be teaching him soon. It truly was a miracle. Heavenly Father is just so nice. I am just glad that the week ended well. Sometimes you have good days some times you have bad ones. It's life. But like Kal and I always say...Life Is Good!!

Last night Brother Breau fed us man was it delicious! It was one of the best meals of my mission. You know what's funny is that I talk about food a lot. I am sure if I went through and re-read some of my emails I would just laugh at myself.

Anyways General conference is this weekend and I am SO EXCITED!!! We get to hear the prophet speak, and its going to be awesome! Sorry I am so random, I just feel a little rushed with my emailing today.

So yes from my heading you can see that today I learned how to tie a tie. Its actually really fun. Someday if I have little guys it will be no problem to get them ready for church....:s We bought Bo a tie and a Bow tie because his name is Bo. Ha ha... Things are great here in Freddy-town. The members are the coolest of the cool and I am just swell.

Have the best week EVER!!


The coolest Sister Crofts

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