Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Monday, March 21, 2011

"Repentanc​e is the laundry of my life...." -Bo Xi

Dear Family,

Don't you just love that quote!? I sure do, it is from Bo who is getting baptized this Thursday! We asked him to tell us what repentance means to him, and that's what he said. He expounded by saying that in life when we make mistakes it makes our laundry dirty, and when we repent its like washing it clean. He is so righteous!! So yesterday was seriously the best Sunday! It was the first day of Spring the sun was shining.....Bo and Chen our two Chinese investigators came to church. Also Brother Breau brought his mom and she is getting taught by the Elders this coming week! The spirit was strong during the meeting and I just felt so happy!! Also we were able to go an see an inactive family and we are going to start teaching them soon, so that's exciting! I wish that I could rewind yesterday and just play it over and over again. But it is a day I will always remember.

So this past week seemed like we did a years worth activities! I am sorry that I can never remember everything, but it was a good week! We had some sweet miracles. On Tuesday I was having a really hard time deciding where we should go to find. Usually I just make a decision and we go. But for some reason I just couldn't pick a place. Finally we decided on Beechwood. We knew there was a former investigator on the street and we thought just maybe we would run into her. So we are knocking on this road and seriously no one is home! I was getting so bored. I just want to talk to people. Anyways So we get to a certain house and we knock not expecting anyone to answer when an Indian man does. He smiles and grabs his wife. She invites us in and we notice the whole house is covered in boxes of their things. The man's wife is Sapna and his name is Sundip(sp?) Sapna was on the phone when we entered the house and she just hands me the phone and tells me to say hi to her mom in Indian. I was kind of a crazy thing. Turns out Sapna is the former investigator! We asked if she needed help and we went work. We stayed for about 2 hours and just moved everything off their wood floors. They were getting redone the next day. Sapna kept calling us angels. She said that she had prayed us there. Which I totally believe because before we left for the day we asked God if we would be able to help someone or be an answer to some one's prayers. Answer!! Now we are invited back for Indian food, which I am super excited for.

We were knocking last Sunday and we knocked into a lady named Inez. She was interested so we got her info and called her later in the week. When I called she seemed very upset and hung up the phone. usually when people hang up on me I get the hint. But for some reason, I sensed that something wasn't right. So Wednesday we are down-town trying to contact some potentials. But no one is home. We were about to leave when I had the thought to stop my Inez's house. We stop and knock. She comes to the door and She just starts Crying. We asked if we could go in and talk and we had a great discussion on God's love and prayer. She really opened up to us and told us a lot about her family life and everything else. We have an appointment with her this week!!

So earlier in my email I told you that Chen came to church. Well let me just tell you about Chen and what a miracle it was that he came. So Chen is dating Jing who is getting baptized in April. We just started teaching him, and he has no religious background what-so-ever. But he wants to learn. Anyways, yesterday was the first time he had ever been to church in his life and he came by himself! I was amazed! Miracles are just happening everyday! I love being a missionary.
I just wish that all of you could feel what I am feeling! It is so hard to put onto words what a mission is like. I just love it so much and I so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you all so much who write and support me here. I Love all of you!!!


Sister Crofts

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