Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Family,

thank you so much for the letter and the email!! At the moment I really like letter because I only have 30 min to write and I really would rather spend more time reading what you have to say. Anyways How are you doing mom?? I hope you are feeling better! Also how is aunt MaryBeth?? That is so scary!! I hope she is ok. What you told me about pinch is so funny!! He is crazy! I was thinking that you could make Jordan and her class rice and orange chicken!! But I don't really know.
Thank you so much for the letter it really ment a lot. I just love you!! How is the new job going!!! I hope that you love it! Just so you know I am doing so well!
Okay so I am sure that all of you are dieing to hear about my exciting life here in the M.T.C. so here it is:
Mom thanks for calling the doctor but it has been quite the hassle! I went to the doctor and I waited for him for over 40 min and then he sent me to a doctor to get an x-ray!! Which I told him that I didn't need but he made me go. Of course my lungs are fine :) finally I got my z-pack and I am feeling a little better everyday. Oh so you now how when I go to the doctor I tell them everything that is going wrong. Well I have been haveing so knee pain and I just thought I would meniton it. But that was a bad idea. Because they are so over protective of their missionaries so he made me go to an orthopedic and see what was wrong. I figured it was just some inflamation, and i was totally right! But I got to see an x-ray of my knee which was way cool! And mom I am so sorry!! I didn't want to go to any of these doctors but I guess its always better safe than sorry right? So now I am going to a physical therapist today at three. Is that okay?? I am really sorry!!! But it has been quite the adventure. This week I was called an elder twice!!! I guess that means I should wear my hair down more often :) Oh so I got my stuff for my flight and I am so excited!! I am the "travel Leader" which pretty much means that I have to make sure we all get to Canada in one piece. We leave at 5 a.m. which isn't bad and we get to stop in New York and then board another plan which will be fun!
The M.T.C. meals are way good and I feel really blessed for the food that we have to eat. Thank you for paying your tithing!!
Family I just wanted to tell you that I am learing so much!! I feel overwhelmed most of the time, but it is going well!! We have had some opportunities to teach and I am getting more and more comfortable with teaching!! I still have a lot to learn, but really who doesn't!! This week I got a blessing because of my knee and stuff and it really comforted me. I am doing really well and I can hardly believe that I have been here over a week! Days go by so slow!! But weeks go by way fast!! I love this gospel and I know with out a doubt it is true!! I know that Jesus Chirst is my Savior and I am so greatful for His sacrifice for me and for all you!! May God be with you till we meet again!! I love you all!!

sister Crofts

P.s. Jordan where are you?? I want to hear what is going on in your life!!
P.s.s. Mom I need more athletic socks and I was wondering if you could send me my pair of red shorts? They are in my yellow drawers. I think that is all that I need, but if there is anything else I will let you know. LOVE YOU!!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear her knee isn't seriously injured! Sounds like she is having a wonderful time!