Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All we have to choose is what to do with the time that is given us.

Dear Family,

I am not going to lie these past two weeks of my life have been super fun and good, but at the same time I have been feeling very over whelmed. Let me just give you a recap of the last two weeks. PEI (Sisters Conference), Leadership training 3 days, And we moved this past Saturday!! Its has been super busy, like they say when it rains it pours. But don't worry I am doing really good, just feeling like I am sinking in the deep end, but I know that all these things shall be for my experience and shall be for my good. Just a side note, mom can you please call my bank and tell them to change my card so it will work internationally. Because I know I have money on it, but I can't ever buy anything and its getting kind of annoying. So if you could do that for my ASAP that would be awesome. THANK YOU!! So yes we moved apartments and I know that you are aware, but still it was a pretty fun day we had a bunch of Elders come and help us thank heavens and we moved everything and put everything in the new apartment and even cleaned our old apartment with in 5 hours I was pretty proud of us. That was like the first time I have moved everything out of a place, I am not excited if and when that happens when I have a family! That will be crazy! But the place we live now is super good. I love it! We can just walk out our door and we have a bank, grocery store, and most importantly our area. I love it, it has been saving us a lot of time.

Well school is back in and it is pretty sweet! There are students everywhere! I didn't realize what a ghost town Halifax was this summer. Its really fun to talk to students, but at the same time its hard, because they have no problem giving you their number just so you'll "get off their back" and when you call they either fake # you or they just don't pick up, but of course opposition in all things. Also its not very fun when you get profanity yelled at you in passing cars, but I know that it could be worse and I just feel so blessed to be able to be here serving the Lord and My Heavenly Fathers children. I understand that not everyone will except the beautiful message that I come to share, but I do know that many will and that makes all the difference. You know I am starting to realize something about life: there will always be more sad and bad times in life, but the joy of the good times will always out weigh the bad for instance yesterday we had like 6 appointments and ALL of them, but 1 cancelled on us for various reasons. Anywaysthe one appointment that didn't cancel we had a lesson with one of our investigators Isabelle whom I met last Monday and we have had one lesson and she came to institute and the CES fireside (By herself)!!! She is AMAZING!! Well last night we read the Book of Mormon with her and committed our her to baptism. She said yes and really it made up all the disappointments that had happened earlier in the day. I love this work very much! I am so happy to be here and I just want to thank you all for your support and love.
Dad I really want to see pictures of you deer and I want to know if you were able to get an Elk? Good times remember when we use to hunt together and I would NEVER gut the deer :D Thanks for being great and not making me. Anyways how are things at home? How is work going? Also I was curious if you received the package I sent you?
Mom I want to know how you are doing? Sounds like from you letters that things are super busy in your life like always! When I get back you will have to whip me back into shape! We will have to sign up for a race together. Remember when we use to run the mothers day race together. Those where the days :) I was also glad to hear the you passed you test good work!

We are teaching a lot of people right now and I feel really really blessed! Of course like always things have been a little rough for all of our investigators and recent converts, but hey we will just keep doing our best and everything will work out for the best. Remember that with the Lord nothing ever goes permanently wrong, but without Him nothing ever goes permanently right. I pray for you all daily, and I am just so happy that you all are my family. Have a great week and keep me updated on life. I LOVE YOU!!



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