Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Dear Family,

I am so excited to tell you everything! Of course you know that this past three days were sisters conference and man were they great! It was like a mini vacation during my mission that never happens! But yes it was really good. I learned so good stuff about missionary work and how I can improve! Which is always good. But the best part was being with all 12 sisters in the mission and just having SO much fun! We went to P.E.I yesterday and it was the perfect day for it! We woke up at 5:45 and left by 6:30 we had a huge van with a bunch of sisters so that was way fun! I finally left Nova Scotia and saw two other Providences, New Brunswick, and P.E.I. I took a ton of pictures and don't even worry I already printed them today so I will send them as soon as I get some time :D he he he But really I had a blast! We went to Green Gables where the story of "Anne of Green Gables" was based off and I did my hair in two french braids and I think I almost looked like her. I guess you all can be the judge. Then we drove around the island and went to the beach and some other fun towns. We got some famous ice cream here called "Cows" and it was pretty good. Then some members fed us and I felt so bad that I couldn't eat more, but I was just so full! I think I almost died I was so full. But anyways...the green rolling hills, gorgeous red sand beaches, beautiful sunrises and sunsets family you need to come here someday! I was a pretty fast day trip, but I really enjoyed myself. My most favorite part of the trip was when we went home on the ferry. It was so beautiful and to be honest I think that was the first time in my like that I have ever been on a boat in the ocean! It was so beautiful! We took pictures, sang songs (Cause that's what we Mormons do), had heart to hearts, oh it was just great and not to mention the weather was perfect. Oh, I am going to remember that place forever! It was great. I am glad to be back though, cause I want to get back to work! I love being a missionary and having this opportunity to work super hard and really just forget about myself. I love it here and I am super sad that I only have 11 months left! My 7 month mark is this Friday can you believe how fast the time has flown! It's crazy! Today has been I think the hottest day of my mission! Its probably around 80 or so, but with the humidity it feels way hotter. When I walk outside I just sweat, even in my house I sweat, because here no one has airconditioning! Its crazy! Oh that reminds me We are moving! We decided to be more effective missionaries we should move in our area so this Saturday we are moving! Want to give you my address so that we can write me letters to my new place!

So if you have anything send it there or to the mission office. I am a little stressed out to move, but hey I guess just take it one step at a time. Just so you know mom I got the tights and I thank you so much for them! They are really nice! Now I think I will have enough for this winter. Also in your letter to me mom you asked if I like the package and just so you know I didn't like it..I LOVED IT!!!! Thank you so much now Sister Hudson and I want to go there to get there bread, it was so amazing! So for future reference that would be great! You are the best mom and family Ever!! I love you all!! These next two weeks are jam packed with stuff. We had sisters conference and this Saturday we are moving. Then next week we have a 3 day training and everything else seems to be happening at once. Its great!!! Oh one more thing I wanted to clear up. About the Shawn thing Sister Simpson called and asked me if I wanted to call you and just talk about it, and I told her that I was okay. Of course I would have been nice, but I wanted to be strong and do it by myself so please don't you or dad be offended. It was my doing. Even President asked me if I wanted to call and talk about it, so who you should be mad at is me. Because I declined the offer. But Christmas will come sooner than you think and we can talk about this when that time comes. unless you still feel that you need to talk to me, and I will call and get permission. I just wanted to clear that up. Because when things go through the grapevine you know that happens.
Well family just so you know I am doing very well! Sister Hudson is awesome she is very spunky and just full of energy and I just love her, She is a bundle of joy! And I mean that also the English accent rocks! I am amazed that I haven't been really picking up on it. But yeah I am doing great the mission is awesome and until next time remember that I love you!!


Sister Crofts

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