Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts
Sister Crofts at the airport when she arrived home

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Dear Family,

I just want to let you know what I am thankful for, and at this very moment it is people! I have been so blessed with so many wonderful people in my life, my heart is deeply touched. I just think of the sacrifices all of you make for me. And I just want to thank you! I think of the support and love that I get from home, and I thank you! All the letters that have been written to me, the packages sent, and the love that I feel from not only you, but so many people. And I haven't even started talking about the people here. When I was set apart as a missionary I was blessed that I would love the people here, and that is totally true!! I love these people with my whole heart and I will do anything to help them. I just think of the sacrifices they make to live the gospel, to serve those around them, and to really be the coolest people ever!!! I am so grateful for this opportunity I have been blessed with to Serve in Atlantic Canada. I LOVE IT!!!! Really what it comes down to is people, people are what matter! Not how much money you have or what pair of shoes you own, those will all return to the earth from whence they came, but people, my friends and family which will last forever! I am so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel that I have! To know that I can be with those I love forever! HAPPY DAYS!

So this past week went by so fast! I think that once you hit the half way mark in the mish, time just flies. But this last week it SNOWED for the first time! And it was awesome. We were out street contacting in it, and we stopped a young 16 year old boy I can't remember, but he had never seen snow before! It was so cute to see his face, he was enjoying it so much. I would much rather have snow than rain. Rain is just really wet and cold, at least snow it pretty to look at. Plus its not like I have a car I get to drive in it or a drive way I need to shovel. :D
Some pretty cool things happened this last week to our investigators and one of them Andrew Connell is dating a member and is investigating the church. In one of our meetings I promised Andrew that if he would read the Book of Mormon everyday and pray to God to know if it was true that he would receive an answer. Well a couple nights ago he called and asked if he could speak to me and he told me "You know what sister Crofts your right!" I was like what.... Then he continued," The Book of Mormon speaks to me and I know that it is true!" I was freaking out on the inside, it was so cool! I just love to see this little miracles that happen everyday in this wonderful work. God is truly involved in all of our individual lives. We just have to pay attention. Also this last week at church we had 5 investigators at church namely: Joshua Law, Vivek Hari, Isaiah Walker, Vickram Singh, and Andrew Connell. It was super sweet and I loved it.

So mom you would be so happy to know that I was fed thanksgiving dinner last night, and it was super good! So don't worry about me I am totally taken care of here. That reminds me transfers are the week before Christmas so it would be a great idea to send my Christmas package to the mission office. Just in case something crazy happens! And as for things that I need...I need some super warm/cute beanie's, foot and hand warmers, and some pictures from home! Really even if you didn't send anything as long as I get to talk to all of you at Christmas, thats all that matters.

Well That's all that I have to say about my life this week.

Sister Crofts

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